After a stressful day with work and commuting, you come home and just want to unwind. But the stress doesn’t always stop there. Dinner needs to be cooked, family entertained, and even getting everyone to bed is a chore. So what are some simple changes you can make to make your home life a little more relaxing? 


These aren’t just pleasing to the eye. Studies on plants and how they benefit our health show that they can lower blood pressure, provide more oxygen, and reduce stress. Some plants release oxygen during the day and some plants release it at night. If you want a boost of oxygen while you are sleeping, consider having the following plants in your bedroom:

  • Aloe vera

  • Moth orchid

  • Dendrobium orchids

  • Gerbera

  • Mother-in-law’s tongue

  • Peace lily

If you happen to kill every plant you bring home, you can always incorporate nature with things that don’t require upkeep. For example, fake plants (if you are okay with this), crystals, shells, driftwood, or any other nature related item that lifts your heart! 

That Clutter

Clutter has shown to have a pretty negative effect on your well being, causing stress, higher levels of cortisone and depression. Have no fear, there is a solution! Cleaning for at least 20 minutes a week can reduce stress and make your house look better. Not sure where to start? Baby steps. Start making your bed in the morning. Declutter by purging:

  • Clothes that you don’t wear / don’t fit 

  • Old college notes (get real, you aren’t going to use them)

  • Old phones, chargers, and tech items

  • Old paperwork — It’s suggested to keep: 

    • One year’s worth of bills and paperwork

    • Seven years worth of tax records

    • Check with CPA if you are unsure 

Be sure to organize based on convenience, not just where you think things “should” go. Pay attention to your habits. If you chop food next to the sink, organize so that your cutting board and knives are close to the sink. The trick is to make your life a little easier. 


Add a pop of color (but not too many!) Yellow has been shown to improve your mood, unless you can’t stand yellow. It’s suggested to keep walls neutral and add color through accessories such as art, pillows, and furniture. 


It turns out that natural light is very good for you! If you are in a place that doesn’t let in a lot of natural light, make some of your own with lamps and keeping bulbs up to date. It’s also a great idea to add dimmers to create a soothing atmosphere when needed. 

Bathroom Spa

Treat yo’self! Turn your bathroom into a soothing space with artwork, posted affirmations, and an across-the-tub caddy to hold your favorite book, candle, or a glass of wine. Grab a few bath bombs and soak in that sweet relaxation. 

What’s that Smell? 

Scents can either scare people away or welcome them in with delightful memories. Do NOT underestimate the power of your nose and memory. Scents are a great tool to change the mood of a home. You can play with different sprays, candles, plants, and food! Think about what makes you happy, whether it’s a hint of lilacs or the smell of fresh baked cookies, and do that. 

Accommodate Your Lifestyle

What do you like to do daily? If having a large group of family or friends is important to you, make a comfortable space so you can have a large group around you! Rather have alone time? Create a cozy reading nook where you can have your own space. Design the world around you to suit your lifestyle so you can feel comfortable in your own home. 

Count Sheep

Part of feeling comfortable in your home is getting great sleep! Set yourself up for success with a comfortable mattress and nice linens. Lower thread counts will keep you cooler when you are catching those z’s. Don’t forget the thermostat! A slightly cooler temp with go a long way. 

Outdoor Haven

Oh, the great outdoors! If you have an outdoor space, please make the most out of it! There are so many things you can do to make it awesome. Create a covered area that you can enjoy rain or shine! Fences can provide privacy & security. Start a garden or make a playground area for little ones to enjoy! 

What have you done to make your home an oasis that we haven’t mentioned here? Leave your ideas below! 


Until next time,


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