Spring Suggestions to Spruce Up Your Home!

Spring is (finally) here with summer just around the corner. Between surviving the blistering heat and avoiding torrential downpours, you just want to keep your home up to date with the latest trends! Remodels can be expensive, but there are a plethora of ways to improve your home without breaking the bank. Roll up those sleeves, we are getting to work!

Swap Out Accents

Honestly I have had the same puzzles hanging up on my walls for the last few years despite three moves. It’s time for a change! Switch out old art for new, or move art around to switch up the look of a room. Other things to swap include accent pillows, throws, bedding, curtains, and place mats. Heck, pick up your cat and move it to another room for a change of scenery. Knick-knack fanatic? You can play with placement or even pick up a new collection!

Switch It

Switch it up by changing out switch plates and faceplates for a more elegant look. Or maybe something that looks less…grubby. It’s amazing how much dirt and oil can accumulate over time!

Floating Shelves

Perk up your walls with a fancy floating shelf! Make sure to install correctly to avoid any wild crashing in the middle of the night. Great for additional storage or beautiful accent pieces, you will love the new look!

Faux plants

Not into floating or shelves? No problem! Spruce up the room with a little greenery. Don’t break the bank with live plants, look into some faux plants for a sophisticated and low maintenance look.

Stair Runner

No, we aren’t talking about a work out machine. Add some pizazz (and safety) to your stairs with a nifty stair runner. This could be a mat for each step or a long rug. Play with stripes, designs, or get down to business with something that has a nice grip.

Tame that Tile

Outdated tile can put a damper on the look of your kitchen or bathroom. Take back your home with a fix that won’t break the bank! Instead of re-tiling, paint over existing tiles to give them a fresh look. Check out tile stencils if you want to get fancy! Another option is to add peel and stick tiles over the existing tiles, and no one will know the difference!

Change the Cabinets

This is a great idea to quickly change the look of your kitchen or bathroom! For a drastic change, consider painting your cabinets a different color. Another subtler way to bring life back to your cabinetry is to change the hardware. Go classy or quirky, whatever you’re feeling that day!

Roll Out!

Take advantage of your cabinetry and master organization with custom roll outs! Be sure to measure your cabinets so that they fit. This will prevent any straining to get those hard to reach appliances and utensils.


It is not vain to want a nice vanity. You probably already have a nice one, but maybe you’re tired of looking at it. Consider dressing it up with a new countertop, different mirror, or updated hardware or paint. Have fun here. Bathrooms are a great place to experiment.

Fresh Caulk

Put down some fresh caulk in the bathtub to cover up the stuff that has discolored/chipped away over time. Trust us, it will make it look SO much better.

Accent Wall

Oh, the accent wall. Perhaps you already have one that was boldly painted years ago and now you see that color in your nightmares. Get some sleep back and pick a new color that will haunt you in a few years! Want a more confident option? Pick out some beautiful wallpaper to make it pop!

Give Your Floor a Flare

One easy and affordable way to change the look of your floor is to get a new rug! Reintroduce shag into your life (or don’t!) There are so many different colors and designs out there to bring your floor into this decade. Other options are low-cost tiles. Pro tip: pick up different tile colors to make your own design!

Look Up

What do you see? If you pay attention to detail, you may see crown molding in your future! This simple add-on will make your home look fancy. You can buy it already painted, or not. It’s your house, and we want you to do you!

Don’t Forget the Outside!

Keep your home bright and cheery with exterior lighting. A trip to the dollar store can give you a large supply of solar paneled lights to plant along walkways or highlight your favorite birdbath! Speaking of lights, maybe it’s time to switch out the entry lighting with something, wild, classy, or whatever fits your taste.

Shut the Front Door

No, really. If you shut it you can paint it a bright new color to make your house pop! Other front door accessories could be applied, such as a fancy door knocker. Or if you prefer doorbells, get a new one of those! Make sure guests are wiping off their feet on a new doormat. Customizable mats are in and affordable.

If All Else Fails…

Tidy up, have a garage sale! Sometimes all your home needs is a little decluttering. If you need some guidance, we recommend a glass of wine and diving into one of Marie Kondo’s books on organizing, or watch her show on Netflix – Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

We hope this helps you get into the spring spirit, and we know your house is going to look AWESOME for the summer! Need more tips? We have a designer for you! Call today. 630.984.4701.


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