Quantum Computing

With lightning-fast advances in technology, we are hearing murmurs of “Quantum computing” and what this will mean for the real estate industry both for consumers and agents. It’s difficult to predict just how fast the new technology will be available to consumers, but Keller Williams is dedicated to being at the forefront of providing the latest tech to its consumers. So what is all of this stuff about, anyway?

Quantum Computer


Quantum computers can use specific phenomena from quantum mechanics such as superposition or entanglement to perform operations on data. Superposition being the phenomenon of two waves overlapping and interacting, and entanglement meaning the phenomenon of needing to describe two or more objects in reference to each other even though they may be spatially separated. (But we all knew that, right?) Without going into a deep black hole of quantum physics, we will try to explain quantum computers and how the race for quantum computing will benefit the winner in perhaps unfathomable ways. Does your brain hurt yet?


Lots of Hard Math


So what is the difference between your Average Joe computer and a Quantum Computer? Average computers have “bits” that can only be 0 or 1. Quantum computers have — can you guess it? — Qubits. Remember superposition and entanglement? Well, Qubits can be 0 and 1 at the same time (superposition), and the Qubits can be connected (entanglement) so that operating on one Qubit can have an impact on the connected Qubits, allowing parallel processing power. Simply put: superposition allows for Qubits to store much more memory and entanglement drastically increases operating speed.




(In case you didn’t recognize it, the photo above is a Qubit). We get it, Qubits are the best thing ever to happen to computers. So what is their Achilles heel? Much like an adult child who won’t leave the house, their potential is incredible but they are extremely sensitive. Any change in the environment such as vibration or heat can make them lose their 0’s and 1’s altogether. Researchers are still determining how to house Qubits (and what this super computer will look like) so that they are completely isolated from the changes in the environment around them.


Artificial Intelligence


Tech giants (IBM, Google, Intel and Microsoft) are battling for developers to add to their quantum platforms without the promise of there actually being a large quantum platform anytime soon. It sounds as though quantum computers will only be used by Tech Giants and perhaps government agencies for years to come. Possible outcomes from a “successful” quantum computer include increased ability to break codes, better security, weapons of higher precision, and solving extremely complex problems. It will also allow for artificial intelligence to process data faster with more precision.


Gary Keller


Keller Williams has noticed the tech race and chosen to embrace it, investing in tech companies to keep up with ever-changing job descriptions and real estate rules and remain relevant, even useful, to agents and consumers today. The company recognizes that big data and artificial intelligence will play a huge role in the way the real estate world will transform in the years to come. To remain competitive, the company states that it is vital for agents to “control their data, move to digital platforms, and disrupt through data share.” The business must be tech-based while maintaining a physical platform. Keller Williams wants to protect agent data and give consumers the platforms and tools that they desire.




How will this affect agents? Keep an eye on the tools that Keller Williams will be rolling out in the next year. We are talking instant market analysis, writing contracts without lifting a finger, and so much more.


How will this affect consumers? Imagine getting real estate data the way you want it, when you want it, with constant analysis to keep you informed. Ways to get that data will be rolling out from Keller Williams within the year, transforming the way you buy and sell homes.


Curious? Give us a call! We will tell you all about it!


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