Kids are going back to school and the grass isn’t as green as it was a month ago. Fall is quickly approaching and you need to prepare your house to look it’s best! We have some tips to help you improve your home’s curb appeal for the fall. If you don’t start now, you may fall behind!


Attack of the Leaves



One of the most beautiful things about fall is the changing color of leaves, which can really highlight your home if you have a tree in the right place. Sit back, relax, and let nature do it’s thing! However, once these leaves start to fall, it’s time to deploy all of your tools to keep that lawn looking fresh. Make sure to clean up leaves so that your home doesn’t look like nature’s wrath wreaked havoc on your yard.  

We covered the ground, but don’t forget about the gutters! They just sit there wide-open, practically begging for leaves to come hang out. Don’t forget to look up and clear those out regularly to keep your home looking manicured, refined, sophisticated — you get the idea.


Life, Death, and Life Again



Like the phoenix, you have the power to raise your flower beds from the ashes again! When summer flowers have started to turn, plant bright fall flowers to liven up the exterior and make your home shine brighter than the rest! Don’t go crazy with the colors, just channel your inner elegance to revive your dying foliage and restore your home to its former glory.


Paint the Front Door



You know this is a good tip because it works for ANY season. Color blind people: it’s time to let the color-seers take control and choose the perfect shade for your home! One particular color doesn’t look good on every house. Keep in mind that this color should improve the appearance of your home and give it that extra pop that it needs!


A Bright Idea



If you have the right exterior, adding outdoor lighting will help make the home seem more welcoming in the evening hours. It creates warmth as the temperature starts to cool. Also, lights help you see when it’s dark out so you don’t open the door to any weirdos. If you do install these practical & pretty lights, make sure to turn them on for showings to lure potential buyers in.





If you’re one of those houses, it’s fine! The neighborhood loves when you get into the Halloween spirit every year! But keep in mind that an overcrowded yard might scare away the wrong audience! Keeping decorations simple makes your home look desirable to more buyers.



Socially acceptable decorations include dressing up your mailbox for the fall, a couple (JUST a couple) pumpkins, and a festive wreath. Wreaths allow wiggle-room to go overboard, but do try to choose something tasteful that appeals to a larger group of people. Because that is what you’re trying to do: appeal to as many people as possible!


We hope these tips get you into the fall spirit. If not, some words to help include:







We can’t wait to see what you do with your home this fall season. For more tips, give us a call! Julie has an impeccable eye for design.


Creep it real,


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