Every now and then it’s healthy to fantasize about the good life. Like if you had a gajillion dollars, what would you do with it? When you win that lottery, we have ideas on what you can spend it on. We took a deep dive into dreamland to find you the highest priced real estate in our area!



Maybe your dreams lead you to the Chicago high rise life. 11 E Walton St Unit PH5800, the 3rd highest-priced condo on the market, is waiting just for you! Coming in with a price tag of $10,950,000, this sleek residence is located in the Waldorf and comes with suggestions of how to design your dream home for just an additional $100,000 (pennies!). With priceless 360 views of the city, you can imagine yourself drinking 1964 Glenlivet Scotch and not worrying about A THING as you peer down on the rest of us mortals. Do you have tall friends? No problem! The 12.5 ft ceilings can accommodate even the strangest of heights. You will feel like a boss when you bring people up on your private elevator. Seriously, this place has class! You can drool over photos here.



If condo living isn’t for you, we have searched for the highest priced home in our market to present to you: 1932 N Burling St in Chicago. The list price of this property is ….. (drum roll, please) ….. a whopping $50,000,000. At a certain point, money becomes unimaginable and I think this is that point! This house may require a few lottery wins, but it is totally worth all the scratch tickets. With 6 bedrooms, 7 baths, and 4 half baths, the whole family can use the restroom at the SAME TIME. Boasting 25,000 square feet and eight city lots, there is plenty of room for entertaining all of the celebrity friends you will acquire. Want to play music? There’s a music room. Crafts? Boom, craft room. Grilling? You have a whole room for that too. This mansion allows you to have a fairytale ball with an elegant spiral staircase. Enjoy fountains, large decks, ornate offices, and detail on every inch. If you purchase this home, we want a tour! Photos and additional details here.



Not ready to make a purchase? Well, we can be creative, so fear not! 1970 N Burling St in Chicago is the second highest priced RENTAL on the market today. Are you ready to spend in a month what some people make in a year? The asking monthly rental price is only $42,000. So what are you getting for your hard earned cash? Exposed brick, subway tile, and an industrial steel ladder. There is also a private garden and large windows so you can look out and enjoy your garden. The 3-car garage offers precious parking over gorgeous old brick. With hardwood throughout, you don’t have to worry about a carpet cleaning fee, YAY! If you have a hard time with stairs, the home provides an elevator for your convenience. And if you want to just try it out for a month, they offer short-term leases! It’s not eight city lots, but it will do in a pinch. Photos of the quirky home can be found here.



Do you ever get sick of driving around looking for a parking space? Why not just buy your own? The priciest single parking space on the market today is 401 N Wabash Ave Unit P435 in Chicago. For $85,000, you don’t have to worry about parking ever again! It’s heated, indoor, and located close to the elevator to minimize your walking. If you have money left over, don’t forget to purchase a fancy car for your new spot! If you find yourself broke, you can still have the satisfaction of standing smugly in your spot and not letting ANYONE use it.



Now that we have brought your dreams to light, it’s time to go out there and conquer your goals! It is our hope that one day you will reach for the skyline and bask in the glory of fancy things. Or maybe you just want a house that’s in your budget now. We can help you achieve your dreams, no matter how fancy they may be!  




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